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Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Feb 17, 2016

Deadpool Fox Marvel

It's good.

Okay, okay, let me elaborate: Deadpool does not provide an all-new narrative nor does it give us characters presented in a realistic light like a lot of superhero movies do. It isn't even a superhero movie (as Deadpool himself points out so helpfully).

What it is though, is a very fun film that stays true to the source material.

Deadpool, for those who don't know him apart from his horrible cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is a mercenary and not a superhero. He's insane, rude, talks too much (all of which factor into the R rating of the film), he breaks the fourth wall often (which makes him the perfect narrator), and he's indestructible (which practically ensures a sequel/s).

He's also loosely based on DC Comics' Deathstroke:

Slade Wilson - Wade Wilson

Deathstroke - Deadpool

Eh, eh!

Aside from the indestructible part which he totally did not steal from Wolverine, Deadpool is unique in a sense that he strays away from superhero tropes of power and responsibility to deliver us a film with a theme that most of us can relate to: revenge.

Now as I said, the story as a whole is not new, as revenge is probably the most common driving force in cinema history. What is new though, is the concept of the lead character making fun of every single thing you see in the movie as if he was watching along with you.

Deadpool the movie sees Ryan Reynolds reprise his role (from that film we will no longer mention because it was horrible) as Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool a.k.a. the merc with a mouth in his own movie that serves to introduce him properly into the world of cinema.

It follows Wade's origin from loud-mouthed mercenary to unkillable loud-mouthed mercenary and drops him into a plot as generic as vanilla ice cream: bad guy turns him into an ugly monster and now he wants revenge.

Don't take that as a bad thing though; I think the only way Deadpool can ever be realized properly in a movie is to use this kind of B-movie goodness since anything more would be too serious and anything less would be just plain awful. It uses cheesy close-ups, 80's and 90's music that fits perfectly, and above all else, it feels like Deadpool himself made the movie.

Yes, you cannot have a film without its star, but this holds double true here since so much of the movie takes its tone and personality from Deadpool. From the moment the opening credits roll in to the after credits clip (yes, there is one in case you were wondering), Deadpool oozes (heh) his personality all over this movie and doesn't hold back until you've had it all in your face.

It makes dick jokes, fart jokes, sex jokes, and it even pokes fun at the studio that made the movie as well as the various actors in it, just to give a few examples. The movie knows its star is what the audience is here for and instead of wasting time making a deep, engaging plot that viewers would not notice, they instead make it a film where the audience constantly asks itself what crazy shit Deadpool will do next. Which is good.

The side characters also do a good job of not getting in the way of Deadpool's screen time while also being mercifully few so that we can keep track of all of them. Unlike the Avengers where it goes absolutely comic con crazy with superheroes, Deadpool gives us a handful of characters who get their points across so at the end we know exactly who are the good guys and bad guys without having to open up a glossary on the Marvel universe.

So is there anything bad about the movie?

Of course there is. (Mild spoilers follow)

Two things come to mind: one being the aforementioned plot being too forgettable and the other being that the parts where Wade undergoes his transformation into Deadpool seem out of place since they seem too serious. The only thing keeping things light during these moments was Wade talking but they just had to gag him and remove all comedy from the scenes altogether.

I came (heh) to watch Deadpool wisecrack, not to have him be all serious and angry (like in the movie which we will no longer mention because it was horrible). Thankfully these scenes are kept to a minimum and we soon come back to our fix of dick and sex jokes... because we all love our dick and sex jokes.

(Spoilers end)

It is a movie that is dangerously conscious of itself and just wants to give the viewers a good time.

Will it win awards? No.

Will it be remembered for years to come? Probably not until the sequel comes out.

But you will have a great time watching it and that's something I haven't had in a super movie since Guardians of The Galaxy.

In this age where superhero movies are constantly being churned out Hollywood: sequels, prequels, reboots, crossovers, and many more, it gets very easy to get tired of them. Deadpool understands this and instead of dropping into the crazy mess that is the Marvel cinematic universe, it is content in making its own mess in its own corner under its own terms.

You do not need to have an extensive knowledge of comics or superhero movies to love Deadpool; all you need is a good old sense of humor and a small grasp of pop culture. Granted, it's not humor that caters to everyone's tastes, but that's the thing about Deadpool: he does not care what you like and he'll do whatever he wants to.

And we love him for it.

A solid "Cool" for us. See ya in the next one Wade!

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