Dear Capcom, please let indie producers revive your old games

Written by: Jon Castillo

Features | Jul 25, 2017

Capcom Mega Maker Mega Man Mighty No. 9

Dear Capcom,

First of all, I love what you've done for the gaming industry. You introduced me to some of the most iconic games in history and have helped shaped the future of the gaming industry, particularly with the survival horror and fighting game genres.

Let's not forget that it was you who also shaped the action game genre with Devil May Cry. You introduced online co-op, a feature that was well ahead of its time, through Monster Hunter. And last but not least, it was you who, back in December 17, 1987, brought to life one of the most beloved gaming icons ever, Mega Man.

This is just an open letter hoping that you would leave the people behind the Mega Maker fan game alone. The franchise has hit a brick wall under your care and is the result of the creation of the horrible and utterly disappointing spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9.

You had your chance. You've disregarded so many excellent IPs: Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Breath of Fire, and now Mega Man.

I get that these are troubling times for the industry, but it's ever enough to play it safe. You've invested more on titles that are sure-sellers, like the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, Monster Hunter XX and Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil VII, Street Fighter V - but a lot of them are quickly becoming stale and repetitive.

You should see that independent developers are thriving as well. There are many successful indie games out there that are well-received and could be considered far superior than a lot of modern AAA titles.

Why not hire a small team to get their hands dirty with your next spiritual release? Many independent developers out there would cherish the chance to work on your titles. If you look at the recently fan-made game Mega Man 2.5, it shows that your old IPs still have fresh ideas for the 21st century.

Mega Maker is something you should be proud of. You did introduce the feature on the original Mega Man remake for the PSP, after all. This fan made game could become a smash hit, especially with your Mega Man fan base itching to build their own levels. So why not hand the teams behind Mega Man 2.5 and Mega Maker a free license to develop better content for your IPs?

Fan made games are your trophies, Capcom. It proves you have created an obsessive fan base that considers your IPs to be bonafide holy grails. You have no plans for them in the immediate future, so why not give them to those who would kill to revive them?

You can share profits and all that, but you have to craft a balanced policy for it to become a win-win situation.

We understand that you've tried this once with a well-known developer that resulted in a game that had mixed reviews, but this is a whole different story. You have less to lose with independent developers and so much to gain from them. Give them a chance to revive your IPs. Think of it as giving back to the community that has always supported you by buying your games.

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