Death Note: Light Up the New World illuminates local cinemas this March

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Feb 16, 2017

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If you're at the age where you think Japanese animation is rubbish (or if you actually have a life outside work and the Internet), Death Note is a very text heavy manga series about a murderous college student who uses a notebook to fuel his twisted god complex.

But this isn't just any notebook which you can buy on the cheap-cheap; this bundled collection of paper lets you deviously orchestrate a person's death as long as you know their name. The series was turned into an anime and has spawned countless other pieces of media, such as a television drama series, video games, a musical, and three live-action films (including one spin-off film).

The fourth attempt at the last category, Death Note: Light Up the New World is an absurdly long-titled movie that is set 10 years after the events of Death Note 2: The Last Name.

With both the previous protagonist and antagonist dead, this sequel stars a set of new mass murdering sickos who come into contact with not one, but six notebooks that can be filled with the names of people who have stepped on them in the past.

With the previous events of past films still fresh in everybody's minds, the Death Note Task Force (which is in no way a waste of taxpayers' money) is reinstated in order to find and capture the new users of these deadly pieces of stationery.

Taking a cue from fan service, the newest member in the group is a mask-wearing kook called Ryuzaki. The supposed successor to L, one of the main characters of the past films, Ryuzaki joins the Task Force as they investigate the killings that are happening in Shibuya, Russia, and Wall Street.

Death Note: Light Up the New World was released last October 29 in Japan but will hit local theaters this coming March 15, 2017. Prepare to go under an alias and move to another country, just to be safe.

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