Drop by the Denki Megatech Convention this Feb. 11-12 for the biggest innovations in mech and tech

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Geek | Feb 7, 2017

Denki Con Denki Megatech Denki Megatech Convention event

As anyone already knows by now, only a heartless human being who was abandoned by heartless human parents could not love big-ass robots. Be it in video games, movies, or cartoons, the sight of a humanoid machine that's as big as Godzilla himself always makes you feel safe from another opposing giant humanoid machine.

Short of making an actual working model, people all over the world have paid homage to metal giants in their own weird ways. These methods with which the masses worship false mechanical idols will all converge at this year's Denki Megatech Convention, an event that will take place this coming February 11 and 12 at the Philippine Trade Training Center in Pasay City.

The convention seeks to attract all otakus within the metropolitan vicinity to celebrate what the country has to offer in the way of technological advancements, game development, cosplay, and gigantic robots. And while the Japanese are still the forerunners in the "take-over-the-world-with-Gundams" category, the Philippines is no slouch when it comes to making video games and assembling Chinese-made robot models.

Some of the special events that will take place in this year's convention include a mecha exhibition where craftsmen and craftswomen can showcase their customized action figures for passersby to admire, a Denki auction where you can bid for gigantic swords and action figures, and a discussion about the advances of game development and Virtual Reality between representatives from IGDA Manila and VR Philippines.

And if you haven't noticed the trend yet, no otaku-inspired convention would be complete without a cosplay competition. This time though, there will be three categories in which cosplayers can enter: the gaming category (where all those League of Legends and Overwatch cosplayers can be found), the mecha category (where you can find humans who have been consumed by giant dinosaurs and power armor), and the open category (where Deadpool impersonators love to make fun of people who have infinitely better costumes than they do).

So if you love video games, cosplaying, or cannot wait for the day we all become cybernetically augmented, then we'll see you this coming weekend at the Denki Megatech Convention! 

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