Detroit: Become Human
is the newest neo-noir game by Quantic Dream, who is responsible for videogames such as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

You'll be able to play as different characters throughout the game. The one introduced in the game is Conner, negotiator of rogue androids and an android himself. The game will have similar gameplay as Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls where players will make decisions and live off with whatever the outcome may be. Considering this is a new-gen game and the popularity of Quantic Dream's previous two games, we hope see the much bigger world - more options and more outcomes.

Detroit: Become Human was first announced as Kara back in 2012. Kara will be another playable character, an android that has gained consciousness and struggles to fit in a society where androids are, well, just androids to help humans live the life.

There is no official release date as of date. The game is directed by David Cage, who directed Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and Indigo Prophecy.

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