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Features | Aug 20, 2018

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Netflix's new 10-episode Original animation, Disenchantment, falls flat on its face.

And it's a real shame, considering the show was created by Matt Groening, the same guy who made The Simpsons and Futurama. While the former took on the zaniness of a "normal" modern family and the latter battled social issues the way science fiction is meant to be used, Disenchantment takes a fantasy setting.

The story follows three main characters: Bean, the princess of Dreamland; Elfo, an elf; and Luci, Bean's unintentional personal demon.

Like plenty fantasy stories out there, each Disenchantment episode is an adventure of its own. However, the first seven episodes introduced nothing really new and nothing really spectacular for a new show. There were some "hahas" along the way and the show can actually get away being somewhat funny.

Disenchantment seems to lack something vital that made previous Groening shows good. The Simpsons kicked off with a Christmas episode, where Homer Simpson, struggles to earn enough money to ensure everyone gets to celebrate Christmas merrily. He ends up taking home a stray dog, Santa's Little Helper, which the family considered a happy Christmas. It was simple and emotional. Something Disenchantment didn't have.

Futurama had its own set of emotionally charged episodes, such as Leela's parentage, the Other Fry being the first man on Mars, and, of course, Seymour Asses (whose moment was ruined by the animated movie, Futurama: Bender's Big Score.)

Disenchantment was devoid of anything like that throughout the series, featuring characters who are miserable of their own too-good lives. It's really hard to

But hey, what am I saying? This is an animated sitcom and the characters shouldn't be remotely relatable! True. It's still not a very good show.

The final three episodes of the season picks up, taking it toward a more interesting direction. There's a planned 10-episode second season coming up sometime. If they proved as good as the final three of season one, then there's something we can work with for the next few years.

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