‘DOOM’ arrives on the Nintendo Switch this November

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Oct 16, 2017

Bethesda DOOM id Software Nintendo Switch

The game that lets you channel your rage into destroying demons is coming this November to the Nintendo Switch. This means you can soon enjoy getting glory kills anywhere you go.

The Switch version of DOOM will include the entire single-player campaign with all the difficulty modes (including Ultra Nightmare) as well as the arcade mode, which lets you replay levels in a timed or score attack manner. Players can also enjoy the multiplayer modes and maps, plus all the DLC content.

Id Software worked with Panic Button to tailor DOOM for the Switch hardware. At most, the game will run at 30 fps but the developers ensured the fast, fluid gameplay is still present.

The Nintendo Switch version of DOOM will release on November 10.

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