So Overwatch's Open beta ended a few weeks ago and with 9.7 million players, no one could argue about its success. We're not saying it's a Dota or a League of Legends killer but we're pretty sure it'll be big.

And so the doldrums of waiting for the launch stretches on and leaves us hungry for more. But to quench our thirst for more of the hero killing first person shooter while the official launch arrives, Blizzard (our second overlords after Valve) launched a mini-animation short titled Dragons.

Taking place in what we could assume as futuristic Japan, the short tells us the story of our favorite bow wielding, dragon summoning Samurai Hanzo. Watch it below.

Overwatch is the new original IP from game development giant Blizzard since Starcraft. It's a fast paced first person shooter that borrows elements from MOBA's (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas). There are currently 21 different heroes that each falls under the different MOBA roles so unlike other first person shooters, teamwork is highly encouraged.

Overwatch is available on PC (through Battlenet), PS4 and Xbox One.

About the author: Mark Duque

Multimedia Editor. Mark is an avid player of games that his friends don't play. Happily in a relationship with a unicorn. Game development hobbyist and corporate art monkey by trade.

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