Dungeon Souls celebrates its full release with a Twitter contest

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Dec 8, 2016

Black Shell Media Dungeon Souls Lamina Studios

When we first got our copy of Dungeon Souls last year, we were floored. The game was just in its early access stage at the time but it already got us hooked.

This top-down, roguelike dungeon crawler by Lamina Studios was fast-paced, challenging, and overall fulfilling. The graphics are pixel cute, but don't let that fool you; this game throws you against unrelenting hordes of enemies.  It also heavily reminded us of Risk of Rain, where each buff, weapon, or shield would alter your gameplay in a huge way. For an early build, Dungeon Souls made a lasting impression on us.

Now, finally, Dungeon Souls has left Early Access on Steam. The full release includes 10 unique characters (back then it was only 6), more than 50 unique items, a local co-op mode, partial controller support and Steam achievements.

What's more, the publishers, Black Shell Media, are feeling generous, as they've come up with a Twitter contest where fans can get a chance to score some cool Alienware goodies. You can check out the details below:

Think you're creative enough to win? Then you might want to participate as soon as possible, since this contest ends on Dec. 15. Our entry would probably just be us staying classy: "Dungeon Souls is the sh*t!"

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