E3 Spotlight #1: Anthem

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Features, Games | Jun 10, 2018

Anthem BioWare E3 2018

The biggest announcement from EA at E3 is Anthem, a massive science fiction open world game, where you play as Freelancers, who unique powered armors called Javelins to embark on various missions.

The game is being developed by BioWare and from how Anthem looks so far from images and footage, we can forgive the developers for the disastrous Mass Effect Andromeda

Anthem was designed for a co-op gameplay, though it won't be a requirement, and players will be free to complete the game solo. While it's not directly addressed, based from what we've seen, you can customize Javelins to accustom to player's style. 

It sounds like a nice reason to go PvP, show who's got the bigger Javelin, or whatnot. However, Anthem will be support PvP on launch. The keyword here is "on launch" so that might mean, sometime in the future people can start comparing button sizes.

Also, with the customization of Javelins and going out on huge open world missions, are Scars - monsters, aliens, nasty-looking things. So far, BioWare only showed us one kind of Scar, so that most likely means we won't be getting too much Scar types, which is kind of sad. We were hoping for a Monster Hunter: World type game with advanced tech.

Anthem is about Freelancers protecting the last civilization of humanity. Kind of something similar to another certain game. And then there are bad guys called the Dominion because they like to dominate, and use the anthem to create a super weapon that can end all life. It doesn't really make much sense, considering humanity is now on the brink of extinction. Why rule a world where there is nothing to rule? I guess we'll find out in February 2019, when Anthem launches.

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