EA announces new Star Wars game for late 2019

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Jun 10, 2018

EA announced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order slated for the holidays of 2019. Not much was revealed except that you play as a surviving Padawan from the tragic events of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Based on that alone, it sounds exactly like a Star Wars game I've always dreamed of playing. We can speculate, as one of the last Jedi, you are a fugitive of the Empire, where you can run around Grand Theft Auto style.

But that might be a tall order coming from EA, even if the game is being developed by TitanfallI creators - Respawn Entertainment. We just hope that it's massive and open world. 

The fact they haven't shown us much images or a trailer with a release time frame so close, is giving me doubts that EA will actually deliver on that promise. If anything, this big announcement was nothing more than a hype machine.

In any case, we'll learn more in the next couple of days.

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