E-Blue introduces its Malaysian E-Sports Stadium at the Annual CyberFusion LAN Party

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Esports | Dec 21, 2016

CyberFusion 2016 E-Blue E-Sports Stadium

And now a look into the world of eSports.

E-Blue, one of the world's leading gaming entertainment solution providers, has finally debuted its E-Sports Stadium at the 2016 Malaysian CyberFusion LAN Party.

Where most internet cafes have you sitting in poorly-lit rooms that smell of cigarette smoke and body odor, the E-Sports Stadium seeks to give players a comfortable experience by providing them with comfy chairs, desks, and gaming peripherals that weren't bought second hand at a thrift store.

During the past CyberFusion event, random Battlefield mini-competitions were hosted by the Malaysian Battlefield Team which gave participants a feel of an actual competitive gaming environment.

To top it all off, President of eSports Malaysia, Dato Latt Shariman Abdullah, was also present at the event. According to him, the eSports scene in Malaysia has been growing rapidly and has become a breeding ground for new talent and eSports athletes.

The introduction of the E-Blue's E-Sports Stadium can only serve to further nourish the community by providing players with the proper tools and environment to bring out the best in them.
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