Enjoy huge discounts on gaming notebooks at the exclusive MSI Clearance Sale in PC Express Gilmore

Written by: Stef Atega

Tech | Sep 5, 2017


Great deals await you at the MSI Clearance sale in the PC Express Gilmore branch. If you have a big wad of cash to spare, get ready to splurge from September 7 to 10. You can save as much as P55,000 on particular MSI gaming notebooks.

In case you already own an MSI notebook, you may want to take advantage of the free cleaning service they'll be offering during the sale. To avail this, you may register online.

A few gaming activities, such as a Racing Sim Driving Simulation and VR, will be available as well. A small Tekken 7 tournament will also take place on September 9. The top 4 players will receive an MSI BTS Bundle, an MSI jacket, and a cap. The champion will be awarded an additional SteelSeries headset if he or she is able to beat Twitch streamer Suzzysaur.

Pre-registration is required for the tournament, and only the first 16 who register will be able to join. Interested players can sign up online.

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