Do you ever feel like you're alone?

Oh what am I saying, of course you have! You sit at home playing video games, for goodness' sake. Well then, have you ever felt alone in space?

Apart from the horrible space food, cramped living conditions, and the everyday struggle to poop, the biggest problem space people (or to put it in layman's terms, "astronauts") have is the crushing loneliness you feel when isolated from other human beings.

Sure, not having to deal with people is nice, but when the toilet starts to clog up and your sixtieth game of solitaire ends in a stalemate, you start to see why space dramas are so big on human interaction.

, the first game developed by French indie studio Ocelot Society, combines the loneliness of playing a single-player game with the loneliness of space by dropping you inside the desolate spaceship Nautilus. With no one aboard and no clue on how to get home, your only option is to interact with the ships' resident AI, Kaizen (I'm assuming he's Japanese), and ask him some choice questions.

From opening doors to the wonders of peeing in zero gravity, you can ask Kaizen almost anything by typing into terminals scattered throughout the Nautilus. Armed with "over two million lines of dialogue" and a personality that's as balanced as a one-legged tightrope walker, the unstable ship AI serves as your sole companion throughout the whole game.

It's through this Cleverbot-like exchange where you learn more about the game's story, solve hacking puzzles, and gain access to the ships various areas. You may ask if there is combat in Event [0], and the answer is a resounding "no". This is a game solely grounded on your relationship with Kaizen and your interactions change depending on how your chat with your disembodied pen pal goes.

Will you be kind and polite when asking him to close an airlock that is suffocating you? Or maybe you'll be more forward and simply tell him to open a damned door. Either way, the only method of getting off the ship and back home is by using what little people skills you have in order to woo Kaizen into letting you survive.

Event[0] is available now for the PC through Steam, Humble Bundle,,, and Games Republic. Check out the trailer below:

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