Every important trailer you missed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con

Written by: Jon Castillo

Features | Jul 25, 2017

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There were a lot of good stuff that happened in the recent San Diego Comic-Con 2017 but it all boiled down to superheroes being the biggest stars this year.

Justice League

The new trailer banks on Wonder Woman's recent success by showcasing the Amazonian kicking ass with new members the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman. It's a big improvement over earlier trailers and provides a lot of good humor courtesy of the Flash. To top it off, the trailer is so full of explosions that you would think the movie was directed by Michael Bay.

Thor: Ragnarok

Captain America and Iron Man built their own teams to go all-out in a massive tag team match. We find out that Thor did pretty much the same thing when he found out that his homeworld of Asgard was in danger. With his hammer blown to space dust, it looks like the majority of Ragnarok will focus on his team and the Incredible Hulk's new haircut.

Ready Player One

I have heard criticisms about the book but let's shove that aside for now. The film's trailer is visually stunning, which is something director Stephen Spielberg had always aimed for with his projects. To top it off, numerous pop culture Easter eggs (such as The Iron Giant) also make their appearance.

The Defenders

Netflix has released some really good Marvel-based series in the past. These modern takes on classic heroes deconstruct them in ways like never before. The Defenders sees Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up to fight the biggest street-level organizations the MCU has to offer.

Westworld Season Two

With a Wonder Woman-esque logo, Westworld makes it known that its second season will be worth the extra year of waiting. Even with its cryptic footage reel, we were still able to predict that viewers will be introduced to a war over tastes in music.

Stranger Things Season Two

If you ask me, the first season was pretty self-contained and could have ended that way. A follow-up could spell disaster, but when the Duffer brothers announced that more seasons were to come, you know there are really good treats that will arrive just in time for Halloween.

 With a killer lineup of shows and movies to watch, both 2017 and 2018 might just spell the end of your social life.

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