Everyone is talking about 'Final Fantasy VIII' in the past tense

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Features | Sep 17, 2018

Final Fantasy Nintendo Direct Switch VIII

Happy times ahead as a slew of "Final Fantasy" ports are headed for the Nintendo Switch. Cloud Strife will be there, so is Zidane, Tidus too, the entire Zodiac Age, even Chibi Noctis.  "Chocobo Dungeon" games will be there, and even "World of Final Fantasy" and "Chronicles."

But wait, where are the teenage mercenaries, SeeD, from "Final Fantasy VIII" are?

Swept away by a, squall, apparently.

Apparently, "Final Fantasy VIII" has just become a memory for many of us. 

Kids won't know or understand how precious this gem of FF it is. Fans are actually divided by this, some saying it's cool, others are fired up, demanding why not. 

It's not really clear why Square Enix opted out on VIII. We can make a few guesses though.

Junction System

Let's face it, the Junction System is a brilliant concept. It's where you equip magic to gain stat boosts, elemental attacks and defenses. It urged you to collect and Draw magic from environments and enemies. You're encouraged to find more Guardian Forces (GFs) that would allow you to expand your Junction System. If it's too complicated, there's a auto-equip system that would sort all this out for you. Perhaps Square Enix doesn't believe its fans, or the Switch fans (who they probably assume are just kids) wouldn't be able to get it.

Squall gets iced

Spoilers. Like, big one. Still here? Okay. So, by the end of Disc One, the boss conjures large icicles and pokes Squall right through the heart. Don't get me started with Aerith in VII, this is VIII, not VII. The whole image is probably deemed too graphic for the kids. Also, the opening cinematic, there is blood. Eww.

Squall and gang kills school's chief financer

In Disc 2, Squall and his band of mischief tries to appeal to the school's financier, NORG. Without NORG, Balamb Garden wouldn't be possible, and with NORG, profit comes first. When things went sideways, The VIII heroes decides that capitalism is an entity that should be crushed. So they stole his GF, Leviathan, killed him in cold blood, and took all his money. The message is loud and clear and obvious Nintendo didn't want their kids getting inspired by this and take over the world.


Quistis is the ideal fantasy of many school boys and girls. Hot teacher using a whip and the Limited Break called Bad Breath, makes for a sexy combination. Nintendo probably didn't want kids running off with their Switches in isolated rooms for private tutoring.

No, really?

Look, we have no idea. Square Enix may be cooking something else for VIII, but Squall seems optimistic about it.

Good for you Squall. Carry on our wayward son.

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