Experience the horrors of parenting in ‘Think of the Children’

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Oct 19, 2017

Jammed Up Studios Surprise Attack Games Think of the Children

While any of us have yet to be parents, we can only imagine how chaotic it is to raise children, especially when they have diabolical plans. Heck, when I was younger and still staying at the province, I snuck into my neighbors' barn to set all their animals free.

Think of the Children by Jammed Up Studios and Surprise Attack Games explores these situations and puts your parenting skills to the test. It throws players in frantic parenting scenarios where they have to prevent kids from deathly consequences like eating poisonous berries or catching fire from a BBQ grill.

Running along the same vein as Overcooked, it features 1-4 player co-op as well as a wide range of levels: you'll be attending a birthday at the park in one level and spending a day at the zoo in another. You can also customize and save characters as families plus unlock more customization options as you progress further.

The main goal is to manage your tasks while keeping everyone alive, which the game doesn't make easy.

Think of the Children is out today for PC.

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