Fallout 4's wicked Contraptions, Vault-Tec Workshop, and a ticket to Nuka-World

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Jun 13, 2016

Bethesda Contraptions E3 2016 Fallout 4 Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World Vault-Tec Workshop

Fallout 4
will receive three DLCs for the next three months, which sees to adding new gameplay features to keep things interesting.

Next week, "Contraptions" is the first to roll out. In this DLC players will be able to build devices such as elevators, conveyor belts, and armor and weapon racks.

The "Vault-Tec Workshop" will be released in July. This lets the player become an Overseer at their very own Vault, building a new community for people to succor in. This has the same mechanics as building settlements, with the biggest difference being you can let players experiment on their vault dwellers. (It sounds quite akin to Fallout Shelter,  if you ask me, only bigger.)

On August, the final DLC takes players to "Nuka-World", a Nuka-Cola theme park-turned settlement. No other information has been given. But we can hope this DLC will feature new missions and NPCs to ki-meet. 

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