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Geek | Aug 6, 2017

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Welcome to August's Fan Art Sundaes: the weekly reminder that there are people out there more talented than abstract painters!

This Sunday, we take a look at the works of one Gillian Pascasio, a 20-year-old Fine Arts student who does freelance and commission work on the side. Going by her screenname 7Clubs, she started taking drawing seriously way back when she was eight-years-old.

Since her initial interest with Neopets, she has since focused on making art for fan characters - characters that find themselves in situations which aren't officially tied into the lore. From her artworks that pair Overwatch characters Genji and Zenyatta, you can clearly see what she's getting at.

Her art style is constantly changing. While she does take inspiration from a variety of online artists, she is currently trying to inject some influence from older artists like Vicente Manansala and Gustav Klimt.

Despite these numerous changes, the one thing that remains constant is her strong color sense. She deals with bold shapes, patterns, and sometimes uses strong vertical elements in her pieces. People who view her art like to call it "clean" and she agrees; saying that she can get meticulous when getting things precisely.

Apart from Overwatch, she currently loves the bi-weekly podcast The Adventure Zone as well as the indie game Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

Here are some of her works. To see the rest of them, you can head on over to her Tumblr page (which is her main site), and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Fan Art Sundaes is a weekend section where we feature a spoonful of an artist's work based on some of your favorite geeky franchises! If you want your fan art to be featured, just email us at [email protected]!

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