We're back with another Fan Art Sundae! Today we're featuring custom toys made by 26-year old toy designer Rod Jarren Imperial, better known by his artist name "Bearako".

Bearako has always been a big fan of Marvel. He follows the comics and religiously watches both the movies and animated series that revolve around this iconic superhero franchise. This love eventually led to him collecting action figures as a hobby which eventually inspired him to create his own toys based on his vast collection.

To paint a clearer picture of what he does, Bearako takes parts from different toys and pieces them together to make an entirely new figure. This, combined with a bit of sculpting and painting, further alters the figure and males it one of a kind.

This is Bearako's unique form of fan art. Custom toys are usually created when the designer wants to invent a new character or modify and improve an existing one. Bearako focuses on toys that are 1:18 or 3.75" in scale.

Check out some of the custom toys he has done. If you want to see more of them, you may visit Bearako's blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Fan Art Sundaes is a weekend section where we feature a spoonful of an artist's work based on some of your favorite geeky franchises! If you want your fan art to be featured, just email us at [email protected]!

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