Fan Art Sundaes: Erin Eclair

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Geek | Jul 16, 2017

Erin Eclair fan art Fan Art Sundaes

Welcome back to Fan Art Sundaes, the best cure to your Saturday hangover (Ha! We wish!). In this edition, we'd like to introduce you to another 2D artist from Secret 6 known as "Erin Éclair".

Erin's first fan art pieces started with Ragnarok Online, when the MMO's popularity in the local scene was at an all-time high. Since then, she has taken art commissions from friends and has created some of her own pieces as well.

Some would say her art style is a mishmash of western and eastern, with a focus on the "chibi" aspect. Erin is fascinated by the works of Lee Myung-Jin, Grand Youkan, Monster Gogo, Primiita, Rian Gonzales, Artgerm, Martin Bitamin, Barbara Canepa and Chris Sanders; all of whom serve as her inspirations.

Nowadays, Erin is obsessed with the lore and art of Overwatch. She is also into the popular mobile rhythm game Love Live School Idol Festival, and has started drawing cute artworks of the Aquors group.

Check out a few of her cute fan art pieces! You can also see more of her work on DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Pixiv. 

Fan Art Sundaes is a weekend section where we feature a spoonful of an artist's work based on some of your favorite geeky franchises! If you want your fan art to be featured, just email us at [email protected]!

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