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Geek | Aug 20, 2017

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Welcome back to Fan Art Sundaes, where we give you your weekly gulp of art inspiration. This time around, we'll be taking a look at the art project of Lando Cusi, alias "Imagininja".

Lando is a freelance architect and designer who doodles ninjas in his spare time. He started a 100-day-project where he draws all kinds of ninjas every day. Every now and then, he draws "Famous Ninjas", or popular ninja characters, in his own style.

Speaking of style, you can see that Lando always goes for something fun, quick, and simple. He draws all sorts of adorable characters in pen and ink.

Lando has been drawing things ever since he was a wee lad. As a young child, he would take inspiration from popular 90s anime shows like Gundam Wing, Flame of Recca, and Digimon. Today, he takes notes from artists Mattias Adolfsson and James Gulliver Hancock, who both make use of lines to create complex pieces. 

Take a look at a few pieces from Lando's ninja art project below. You can follow this project on Facebook and Instagram. For his other works, you can also check him out on Behance. 

Fan Art Sundaes is a weekend section where we feature a spoonful of an artist's work based on some of your favorite geeky franchises! If you want your fan art to be featured, just email us at [email protected]!

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