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Geek | Dec 3, 2017

fan art Fan Art Sundaes Robelle Matanguihan

Fan Art Sundaes is a weekend section where we feature a spoonful of an artist's work based on some of your favorite geeky franchises! If you want your fan art to be featured, just email us at [email protected]!

Our last batch of artists for 2017 begins with Robelle, a 22-year-old freelance artist.

Robelle's art journey began with 90s anime. As a kid, she would copy the art styles of Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Ghost Fighter, and Hunter x Hunter, among others. She also invested her time in creating her own comics based on comics like W.I.T.C.H. and Mango Jam Comics. It was only years later when she received a pen tablet as a birthday gift that she started exploring digital art and vector illustrations.

Her own art style is a mixture of anime and cartoons with bold and black outlines. For freehand drawings, she draws inspiration from Bryan Lee O' Malley, created of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World. For vector illustrations specifically, she looks to the works of Vincent Aseo.

Robelle is currently hooked on Pokemon because of the recently released Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. She's also binge-watching Boruto, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and The Ancient Magus Bride.

You can follow Robelle's art on DeviantArt. Meanwhile, here are a few of her works:

Arcade Hecarim (League of Legends)

Blood Moon Thresh (League of Legends)

Championship Shyvana (League of Legends)

DJ Sona, Concussive Form (League of Legends)

Justicar Syndra (League of Legends)

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