Fans of 'Journey' can trade in their scarves for fox bodies in 'The First Tree'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 19, 2017

David Wehle The First Tree

It's been five years since thatgamecompany's fabric-filled Journey made its debut on the PlayStation 3 and fans still can't get over how emotionally jarring it can be despite being totally wordless. But even with its PlayStation 4 remake, you can only replay the same tear-inducing moments so many times before they start to leave you jaded.

The First Tree
, a third-person exploration game by David Wehle, wants to bring back some emotion into that heatless husk of a body you have. Instead of making your way to the severely-cracked peak of a mountain, this title shoves you into the body of a fox and tasks you with looking for your lost family.

Rather than doing something stupid like sealing yourself inside a blond-haired anime ninja, you make your way to The First Tree, an ancient being which supposedly holds the answers to your lost cubs' whereabouts. Along the way, you'll collect shiny artifacts and come across the memories of a totally unrelated stranger in Alaska.

Psych! This game has two stories in one!

You see, this fox adventure is a dream; one constructed by the same Alaskan stranger whose life stories are scattered throughout the world. By following the set path, players find out more about this ice-cold man as he tries to reconnect with his father.

Just like story-centered games like Journey, Firewatch, and Gone Home, The First Tree isn't about how many enemies you kill but rather how many emotions you feel (that's it - I'm quitting this gig to become a poet). Though the title can be finished in less than two hours, the feelings that the story, graphics, and soundtrack want to convey are said to leave a lasting impression that is more impactful than your first kiss.

The First Tree is now available on Steam, with console releases depending on the PC version's success.
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