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Written by: Stephen Sanchez

Games | Apr 4, 2018

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There is a cargo I need to destroy. I've tried multiple tactics: Planting bombs, laying ambushes with roadblocks, and sniping from a nice vantage point. But every time, for whatever reason, things go awry. The bombs destroyed one part of the cargo, and enemy reinforcements overwhelmed me in seconds. It's the same story with the roadblocks, not to mention my companion at that time was a total dumbass. And the vantage point? A random bear attacked me from behind.

So, I had to take it from the skies. I took a plane, a relic from WWII-if the game's lore is to be believed-and dropped bombs and gunned those cargos. The last one proved a challenge. My plane crashed over the hills, and I was parachuting what was probably a few hundred meters directly above the cargo. Jackpot. I dropped proximity mines from the air. Out of three, only one stuck true, and the last enemy was gunned down with a pistol as my character touched ground. It was like a cheesy Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

This is Far Cry 5. It's a stellar accomplishment compared to all previous Far Cry games. The graphics are drop-dead gorgeous. The landscape of Hope County - the game's setting - is a sight to behold. You can watch the vistas for long hours and never tire of them, and that's probably why you can fish in the game, so you can enjoy your environment.

But be careful, nature bites. There are bears and jaguars that will prowl toward you, wild dogs to watch out for, and deer to skin for money. In Hope County, Montana, everything is legal, including - but not limited to: sniping fellow humans, putting an arrow through their skulls, firing missiles on trucks, burning people alive, and bringing hell from the sky once you manage to acquire a plane.

Doomsday preppers had been such nice folks, abandoning their bunkers for you to raid all their stash of weaponry so you can go out there and show 'em religious cult called Eden's Gate what's good for them.

There are a lot of things happening on the road as well. If you're on the highway, you'll almost always run across enemies who will try to kill you. If you're on the hills, bears will be sniffing your butt. You'll come across situations where the religious cultists are taking hostages, and you have the option to rescue these people. There's no huge reward in doing this but it's always fun to do them every now and then. Crazy things happen in these situations: For instance, right after rescuing a civilian, she took off in a car and ran over the mountaineering weapons vendor. She was resurrected on mysterious accounts later.

In case you were wondering, the music is spot-on. There are good ole country songs to fill in the gaps between the treks, along with the occasional screams of your friend being tortured on the radio.

Far Cry 5 doesn't have a good story. We're not sorry to say that. But it did handle character stories so much better than - say, let's just hide it behind the word "Andromeda." Even Boomer, the dog, has a better story than half of the characters from "Andromeda." Once you've helped out a character, they'll forever owe you favors and would come rushing whenever you call them. Each of these characters has different unique skills that should allow you to plan for your attack.

You can hire soldiers besides having specialized companions, and each one will have skills that are unlocked as they take down enemies. Many of them are useful, and some are just plain dumb. In one scenario, my new companion wouldn't revive me despite being literally two feet away. It took another previous companion, who wasn't even supposed to be where we are and who isn't even on my current team, to revive me.

There's plenty of killing to do in Hope County. There's also the recreational sport: hunting and fishing. You can trade your haul for in-game cash so you can buy yourself some fancy new clothes, like a motorcycle helmet or a cowboy hat.

You also earn perks that you can spend to learn new life, like breathing underwater longer, running with less noise, and learning how to zipline. There are no pre-requisites in learning most of the new skills, which is a fine and sweet deal.

But where the game shines most is the Far Cry Arcade. It's a level editor where you can pluck assets from different Ubisoft titles so you can make your own map with differing set of objectives and share them online. I haven't seen any crazy constructs and I'm not sure if it's possible to build one, but there is potential here to make some of the most amazing maps you can play on.

In summary, Far Cry 5 gets plus points for gameplay, music, the map, Cheeseburger the bear, Jess Black the archer, fishing, hunting, fun, and the fact that fire actually spreads on grass. The game's weak points meanwhile lie in the story, story, story.

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