Feel Clever (and Dumb) in "Tricky Test 2"

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 28, 2016

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I confess, I do not consider myself a smart person.

I struggle with the most menial day-to-day tasks. From tripping over random rocks on the pavement to talking to girls, I have the grace and subtlety of an oncoming kamikaze airplane.

That being said, I'll take any chance I can to feel intellectually superior, even if it is against a computer. And that's where this game comes in.

Tricky Test 2
is developed by Orangenose Studio, a game company with studios in Manila and Taipei who are the masterminds behind games like Toughest Game Ever 2 and What's My IQ?. It is a free puzzle game for Android and iOS platforms that includes a variety of different challenges that will test your patience as well as check if you really deserved to graduate elementary school.

The game includes 60 puzzles as of present (more are added every week). Each one has a different solution that will either make you feel really smart when you solve it or really dumb when you use in-game currency to obtain the solution (more on that in a bit).

When I mentioned that each puzzle has a unique solution, I meant that in the broadest sense possible. The puzzles require a bit more than just conventional thinking and the solutions range from simply picking the correct answer to shaking your phone in order to reveal some deep, dark, Illuminati-type secrets.

Let me give an example: 

Let's say that you are asked to count how many apples are in a tree. From the outset of the puzzle, it seems that there are only three within the picture. But give your phone a little shake and suddenly a number of apples fall onto the ground, leaving you to count them all like some death god from a Japanese anime.

That's what Tricky Test 2 does. It gives you a seemingly simple problem and deceives you into thinking that the solution is as easy as stealing candy from a man with no arms, only to find out that he is just as efficient with using his feet to kick you into next Saturday.

Sounds too complex?

If you are having trouble then no need to worry. For even the mentally-challenged can get through Tricky Test 2 by using in-game currency (simply called "coins") in order to get hints and even reveal the answers to these puzzles.

There isn't much more to be said, really. Tricky Test 2 is a simple game with a minimalist interface and a wide variety of challenges that force you to think outside of that box you call a smartphone. It's free to play as well so you don't have to ponder on whether or not you should try it. Save the brain exercise for the game itself.

You can download Tricky Test 2 on the Google Play Store and App Store.

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