FFXV mini-game "Justice Monsters Five" is out on mobile

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Aug 31, 2016

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When someone asks you about the most memorable video game you ever played, you'll probably name a dozen titles off the top of your head. But can you recall any of the smaller games within those video games?  Like the Poker game in Red Dead Redemption or that yoga challenge in Grand Theft Auto V wherein you have to mash buttons to maintain ridiculous positions?

Think about it. Mini-games are underappreciated. They help the bigger games immerse the player in doing the little things. You have to tip your hats off to the developers for taking the time to create them at all. Some of the mini-games can be really addicting that you would spend tons of hours on them alone. There are even players who would demand that said mini-games could be standalone games themselves.

Square Enix has had its fair share of mini-games in its Final Fantasy franchise over the years, from the simple Triple Triad card game in FFVIII, to the elaborate Blitzball in FFX. So it's no wonder that, being mavens in the mini-game industry, they would capitalize on this.

Quite recently, the company has released a mini-game found in Final Fantasy XV on mobile. Justice Monsters Five is a comic book-style pinball mini-game popular in the Kingdom of Lucis and apparently, Noctis and his friends are huge fans of it.

For a pinball game, Justice Monsters Five is full of action since it infuses role-playing elements as well. Players join iconic Final Fantasy monsters Bomb Bro, Casanova Coeurl, Fab Flan and Lamiana as they attempt to defend the Nova Galaxy from the evil Lord Vexxos. You'll be using touch and flick controls to engage in battles, unleash special attacks and recruit and train new monsters.

Justice Monsters Five is free on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases. If you play the game from now until September 25, you'll receive special in-game items and daily login rewards. You can also play it soon at the Crow's Nest Diners in Final Fantasy XV when it launches worldwide on November 29.

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