'Final Fantasy IX' is coming to the PlayStation 4

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 19, 2017

FFIX Final Fantasy Final Fantasy IX Square Enix Squaresoft

After seeing Tidus' stupid laugh countless times thanks to the numerous Final Fantasy X remakes, Square Enix has announced that the newest old game to reach the PlayStation 4's shores will be none other than Final Fantasy IX.

Now I never personally played this installment of the spiky-haired franchise (mostly because of how the characters' heads were larger than their bodies), but I know for a fact that the game was one of Squaresoft's last titles before it decided to hop in bed with Enix and ruin other video game franchises.

This release will have high definition movies and character models, as well as auto-save functionality and full trophy support. The game is discounted on the PlayStation Store at $16.79 until September 26, whereupon it reverts to an original price of $20.99.

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