What happens in Moogle Chocobo Carnival stays in Moogle Chocobo Carnival!

Square Enix recently released its first limited-time event for Final Fantasy XV. Titled the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, the event lasts until February 20, 2017 and transforms the beautiful city of Altissia into a moogle and chocobo-themed festival.

This changes the streets and drapes them with moogle banners and fills shops with chocobo stuffed toys. Chocobo mascots roam around and chocobo-themed NPC's man different booths to help you get in on the festivities. Everything is set up perfectly to get you in the mood for what looks to be a fun time.

And, fun it was... until it wasn't.

You find yourself without the company of your friends (which is a very bad move on Square Enix's part) and the initial excitement quickly dies down as you start exploring the streets only to find out that there isn't much to do.

Sure, the mini games were fun at first, but after a few rounds, things get old pretty quick (you can only hit a cactuar so many times before boredom starts to set in).  The event quests are annoying, as nothing even remotely unique is thrown at you. With the usual "collect x number of things" trope and simple-yet-terribly-dull puzzles, the quests are more of a bother than a motivation to complete anything.

If you do finish the quests and mini-games, you are rewarded with choco-mog medallions, which you can exchange for items that you can bring into the main game. The items available aren't exactly rare, though; most of them can be obtained easily in the main game itself. Although there are quite a few useful items (some of the simpler parts you need to upgrade your weapons are available in the shops, as well as rare coins and hard to obtain ingredients), nothing truly worth collecting stands out.

The festivities weren't all bad - The Square Enix café was a nice touch and that joke of Noctis mimicking Ignis in the same café was spot on. The fireworks display got me all warm and fuzzy for a bit, too.

Ultimately though, the event was lacking any real punch to make your time playing it worthwhile. After walking around, I found myself fishing for the next two hours and found it infinitely more fun and satisfying than anything the carnival had to offer.

In the end, I couldn't think of anything that would make me want to go back.
About the author: Don Cabuhat

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