Wow. That was the only word I can use to describe the trailer for the new game, simply titled God of War.

It is an entire revamp on what we know and love about the game. It now features an over-the-shoulder gameplay with what seems to be a Dark Souls slash Last of Us slash Witcher 3 mechanics. As Kratos, you navigate around enemies tactically, striking only whenever there's an opening, and finishing them off with classic quick time events. (It was never shown fully if QTEs exist, honestly, but this is something we expect since GoW is the one who introduced this to every action game.)

Kratos also gets a new weapon, an axe that looks like what lumberjacks use to chop down trees in forests. It's no Blade of Chaos but the axe has runes etched on it that give it magical powers. In the trailer demo, we see Kratos flinging the axe toward an enemy and then summoning its return to him. Akin to Thor's Mjolnir.

The violence level also seems off. In the trailer, we see Kratos beat the shit out of a giant and it was missing out all the blood and guts that the entire series is known for. It is still pretty violent. Perhaps this was only the demo version and we'll get all the nasty bits later in the final game?

We're introduced with a new character as well. Kratos calls him simply "Boy." And the Boy calls him "Sir" and sometimes when things get too messy, "Father." From the looks of things, God of War will shift to a more compelling, dramatic story, humanizing Kratos.

It's unclear if the Boy is Kratos' legitimate son, or if the fallen God of War has met a mother and son after his epic confrontation with Zeus.

It's not even clear if this new game is a reboot or a sequel. I suppose that doesn't matter. The game has Kratos in it. And that's all we need to look forward to.

About the author: Jon Castillo

Jonathan is hiding from a lynch mob after messing with the wrong basketball team. His favorite song is "Boys do Fall in Love" by Robin Gibb.

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