Finally, Tekken 7 arrives on consoles and PC this June!

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Jan 24, 2017

Bandai Namco Tekken Tekken 7

The long wait is over! After a year of falling in line at the arcades to play a round of Tekken 7 with total strangers, we can finally enjoy the game in our homes. Bandai Namco announced that the latest iteration of its popular fighting video game franchise will release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam this coming June 2.

But wait, there's more (a cliché, I know)! Feeling generous, the company also shared a variety of special offers that come with the game's release.

First off, fans can get the Tekken 7 Collector's Edition (for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), which contains a special Steel Book case, the game's official soundtrack, and a very interesting statue of Kazuya kicking Heihachi in mid-air.

But if you're not big on physical collectibles, then you may opt for the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes Tekken 7 and the Season Pass.

With the Season Pass (which will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam), players can enjoy three content packs that include new playable characters, stages, a new game mode, costume packs and a bonus 35-piece Metallic Costume Pack.

For players who pre-order the game on consoles or PC, you'll be given DLC access to Eliza, that vampire character with horns who made her first appearance in Tekken Revolution. Xbox players will be even granted a free copy of Tekken 6 just for pre-ordering the new title digitally! This Digital Xbox One Pre-order pack will be available starting January 31.

But don't worry, PlayStation 4 owners! Bandai Namco has something in store for you as well. The PlayStation 4 version of Tekken 7 comes with exclusive stuff: legacy costumes from Tekken 4 and Tekken 2 for King, Xiaoyu, and Jin as well as a Jukebox Mode where fans can listen to classic Tekken music tracks and even create playlists to listen to while they punch their friends to death (in the game, I mean).

Now that we've got all that down, here's a new story trailer that will only hype you more for the game's release:

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