I played 'Fortnite' for the first time and I am hooked

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Features | Sep 26, 2018

Cross play Fortnite

Update: Apparently just today [Sept 27], Sony has opened the doors for cross play. Though in beta form. Given the timing of the publication of this article and the sudden, unexpected announcement of Sony. We, at GameGulp, strongly believe, it was this article that finally gave Sony the one final push to play nice with everyone. Welcome to the club, Sony!

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The first time I played "Fortnite" I parachuted to the edge of the map, down into some tiny compound in vain hopes that no one else would land there with me. It is my first time after all and I have yet to grasp the controls. Building is an important feature in the game, and I'd like to under how it works first before I dive bomb straight into a turd storm. 

I had landed on a roof, where I felt a little bit safe. I drew out my pick axe and started tearing stuff down. To my surprise, the roof collapsed and I fell down hard, losing all my health. This is how it ends. My awesome debut in "Fortnite" gloriously ended like this. 

The second time I played "Fortnite" I knew better. I gathered as much resources as I can, practiced a bit on how to build, primarily walls to establish covers. I've seen a few tricks done through YouTube videos and tried to replicate those as fast as I can. I also picked up a shotgun, a sniper rifle, dual pistols, and some shield potions. I felt invincible. Then everything seemed to have shifted while running around. No, it wasn't the storm closing in. It was the huge "#1 Victory" sign. 

What the heck was going on?

My third session, I found a sniper rifle and headed out for some action. I spotted a few people in the map, all headed to one direction. Were they teammates? I checked my upper left screen, two of my matched teammates were dead. The other one was far off. So I started shooting at those players I saw. They ducked, looked around, started building stuff. I had the high ground, I was behind a tree, I felt invincible. Then they fled. So I made case, recklessly falling off the cliff. I crawled around, begging for a revive until my character just perished.

On my fourth attempt to do anything relevant in "Fortnite" and gathered little resources and found some weapons and searched for trouble. I opened the map and I could see markers where other players were. I found it odd for a battle royale game to show you the locations of every player on the map. And for some reason most of them were converged on a single area. There I raced and I could hear loud and clear from my headphones the sound of a dozen machine guns, explosions, and rockets launching into the air. 

My heart was pounding hard in my chest. There were structures built everywhere. Far ahead of me, a diagonal structure was collapsing, taking with it a player. Then I died.

Apparently someone had sniped me. 

A lot of questions had been answered on my fifth attempt I learned this wasn't exactly a battle royale, but a 50 vs 50 match. Talk about -500 IQ. 

Determined to contribute to the team, I quickly found some weapons and headed into the war zone. Here I was shot down well before I even started firing. But a good teammate stuck with me, building four walls and a roof, before reviving me. Unfortunately, as soon as I recovered, the wall my newfound friend built was torn down in a barrage of rockets and bullets. He went down in less than a second, life taken away in a blink of an eye. I fired at our attackers, managed to damage some, before they shredded me.

"Fortnite" has a lot of great stuff happening around it. Back when I played it, there had been rumors about some Cube moving around. I didn't get to see that. But I did find an area where gravity was acting all weird. My next few sessions didn't fair exactly well. I managed a few lucky kills, but only because they were A) n00bs like me. B) They were on the verge of death. C) They accidentally fell off a cliff or structure of their own making while I was shooting at them. 

I can see why this is a popular game and I'm looking forward to learn more and build my skills. It's also free, with cross play across all platforms (except Sony), so there's really no reason why not jump into it.

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