Fnatic's New Lineup - A Problem For PH Teams

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Esports | Apr 11, 2017

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After a fantastic run at The International 6 last year, Fnatic disbanded and has been missing from the international DotA scene ever since. They were unable to join the Boston Major and have gone so far as to say that they won't be attending the Kiev Major this coming April.

However, Fnatic recently skyrocketed itself to relevance once again by announcing a revamped roster that would arguably be as strong as the original team was.

The team now consists of: Meracle (Singapore), QO (South Korea), Ohaiyo (Malaysia), DJ (Philippines) and Febby (South Korea).

This poses a problem for Philippine teams for a couple of reasons.

First is the re-emergence of Fnatic as a powerhouse in the region. Before the qualifiers for the Kiev Major, I said that TnC Pro Gaming should have received a direct invite. But now that Fnatic is back, this adds another team that can potentially take a slot that could have been made for a Philippine team.

Second is that this lineup reveals a continued trend of top Philippine players leaving local teams to play for ones based overseas and the inability of local teams to consistently keep good international players.

DJ, who is undeniably the Philippine's most successful DotA player and at one point has been regarded as the best Southeast Asian player, left Execration and returned to the team that he helped get to the final four of The International.

He wasn't the only one who left a Philippine team though, as Mineski's Meracle also left for Fnatic. Although not a Filipino, Meracle heavily contributed to Mineski's growing strength these last couple of months.

This isn't to say that Mineski and Execration are irrelevant now. The Philippine DotA scene is still getting better and better, with TnC still being a SEA powerhouse and other local teams following not far behind. Mineski has already begun solidifying their roster as well. The Philippines can still play with the best at the international stage, it's just that Fnatic made it a little bit harder for us to get there.

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