For Nintendo, the 'New Super Mario. Bros U Deluxe' is redemption

Written by: Karen Benitez

Games | Jan 16, 2019

New Super Mario. Bros U Deluxe Nintendo Switch

I find the Switch a redemption for Nintendo. It did sell a lot of consoles compared to the Wii U's dismal sales. A lot of people missed out on some great games from the Wii U, and so it's only logical the company decided to port some of its best titles to the newest gen. And here we get "Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe."

SMBUD not only combines two games - "Super Mario Bros U" and "New Super Luigi U" - but adds a few couple of things to entice even veteran players. These come in the form of a series of challenges, such as balancing a rock, getting through a stage without touching the ground - all of which made a little bit easier if you know some nifty kaizo tricks.

It's only a bit of shame though that Nintendo hadn't decide to take it to the next level by introducing basic kaizo tutorials/challenges like shell jumps. Ever since Mario Maker was released in the wild, people became more and more aware of the existence of romhacks. And more people are really turning to it to make or play innovative levels. Well, maybe in the next big installment of Mario that's not tagged with "Maker."

"U Deluxe" plays out exactly how you would expect from a traditional 2D Mario game. You run, jump, and stomp. Hit blocks. Kill some turtles. And rescue the princess who has been held hostage in her own castle.

Each levels are varied, rich in colors, and packs some sweet tunes. Of course all these levels have been designed to be beaten by a child, but that doesn't take away how the fun the game is. If you want some challenge, the "New Super Luigi U" is one right for you. And if that gets easy. Might as well head back to Mario Maker and play one of Barbarian's levels - Master and Commander, should give you a new meaning to hell.

There's also the introduction of Toadette - finally, another female character besides Peach or Daisy - who has the unique power up that, well, turns her into Peachette. In case you didn't know, it was because of this crown power up that spawned the ridiculous Bowsette that plagued the internet for a couple of weeks. (Glad that's over, really. Or is it?)

However, what I despise about this game - what I truly despise, and I'm sure I'm not alone here - is the 10 minute or so cut scene. Why the hell would you add a cut scene on a Mario game? This isn't Odyssey, Sunshine, or Galaxy. It's a traditional 2D platformer game. Worse, you cannot skip the cut scene. It's long, it's annoying, and it damages replay value. Whenever I popped up "Super Mario World" in the SNES, that introduction message killed the game for me. It took forever before that thing faded. It wasn't like the original "Super Mario Bros." and "Super Mario Bros. 3" where you kick the game in and start playing. That's pure enjoyment. 

The best bit of the game is having four people in couch co-op and simply enjoy the game together. Just, don't take the Switch to parties, like what that other "Karen" did.

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