Former BioShock developers announce 'City of Brass', a rogue-lite game set in an Arabian city

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jul 13, 2017

City of Brass Uppercut Games

For some reason, a lot of developers love to set their games in dilapidated urban areas. Maybe it's a prerequisite that they have to hate modern society in order to qualify for the job, but ruined cities almost always provide a better setting than those that fare just fine.

No one knows this better than the people who worked on BioShock. Set on the ocean bed without proper plumbing and a government, the city of Rapture practically wrote the book on what not to do if you want your civilization to thrive.

It comes as no surprise then that three developers who worked on the original title are setting their newest title in another run-down locale, albeit under the sun rather than under the sea.

Created by Uppercut Games, City of Brass takes on a much lighter and less philosophical approach to destroyed civilizations by casting you as a wandering thief in search of treasure. There isn't much in the way of story other than your desire to reach the heart of the fabled city, but the gameplay more than makes up for the lack of people to talk to.

Armed with nothing but a whip, a scimitar, and a ton of throwable explosives, you traverse a series of randomized traps and enemies while unleashing your inner Indiana Jones. The game puts emphasis on using the environment to your advantage, so it would be well advised not to throw your bombs like a madman.

And just like Indiana Jones, no self-respecting adventure would be complete without treasure. Chests of coins, golden urns filled with the ashes of some old lady - nothing is off-limits to the lowest profession on the planet. And where would you spend all your hard-stolen money in a city filled with mindless murdering skeletons? 

At the local genie, of course! Located at the few areas where things aren't trying to kill you are a couple of jinn that will trade your coins for various upgrades that can increase your health or sharpen your blade. You can even use one of your three wishes to gain a powerful advantage over your foes, so make sure not to use it on something stupid like saving a genie from a lifetime of servitude.

But the best thing about City of Brass is its replayability. Apart from that bitter lesson that you should be less bad at video games, failing the game results in everything being reshuffled. Locations, enemies, weapon modifications - all of these are randomly generated and provide different ways for you to die all over again.

It's still too early to tell, but the game looks to feature a more triple A, first person approach to a genre that consists mostly of pixelated titles. City of Brass is set to release sometime this September on the PC, with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions coming out in 2018. Prepare to enter a whole new world and a dazzling place you never knew.

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