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Written by: Stephen Sanchez

Tech | Apr 28, 2017

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Razer is used to adding crazy lightshows in their gaming peripherals, so when they announced the Lancehead, a wireless gaming mouse, it came out as a tiny surprise that this little monster has only a few RGB light bars.

Instead, the Lancehead is packed with crazy new features designed to give you the advantage over other players. The Adaptive Frequency Technology ensures 100% transmission stability, not to mention it carries a 5G laser sensor, giving you 16,000 DPI. In layman's terms, the Lancehead is on the same fighting ground as wired gaming mice; only without the wires to get in the way.

Beyond having a kick-ass wireless device, the rest of the features are the same as you would find in most gaming mice. On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, tactile scroll wheel, an ambidextrous design, and programmable buttons all come with the Lancehead.

Along with the development of the Razer Lancehead is the Synapse Pro, which is currently in its Beta phase. This is a configuration tool that allows you to rebind buttons, assign marcos, adjust lighting, and saves it all on the cloud. By the sound of it, it's Razer's attempt to keep your configurations similar across all the products that you own.

The Razer Lancehead will be available worldwide around May to June. 

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