None of us knew what we were doing.

Driven only by our passion of video games and good movies, we created a site that gaming and film enthusiasts could call their own. The next thing you know, it's been a smattering whole year! This place has come a long way and we can't thank all of you enough for visiting this place.

For our second year, we are ramping things up. We want this place to be your second home, where you can chill out and have fun, reading about your favorite games and movies while interacting with one another.

We promised exciting things would come and those things have arrived:

GameGulp's Patreon launch

To provide a nicer, more comfortable place for you guys to chill in, we've started our own Patreon page. This will allow us to produce quality content in greater quantities without having to rely on ads all the time.

Through Patreon, we hope to create a more personalized GameGulp free from bias as we retain our individual voices. This will also allow you, the viewers, to help us out in creating a better site that you would all want to see.

So if you would like to support us financially, head on over to our Patreon page.

GameGulp YouTube Channel

Yes, we now have our own YouTube channel, where we will be uploading let's play videos, gadget reviews, and even coverage on the events we attend. We'll be playing games both retro and new, while getting on each other's nerves at the same time. So check us out sometime!

GameGulp on Instagram

We like taking photos of events we go to or cool stuff we discover along the way, that's why creating an Instagram account was inevitable. Do follow us for some awesome, geeky grams!

Well, here's to another exciting year for GameGulp and to all of you. This isn't just our website, it's yours too.

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We are legion.

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