Fictional characters have reached a broad spectrum in development. They have personalities that breathe life into their characters. Many of these characters' depth are on par with other storytelling mediums, and have done a better job in building interesting characters than we see in movies.

Sometimes they are so well developed that it's interesting to think what it would be like to date them. Though, the most intimacy anyone can ever have with these fictional characters is in the mind, which is sad.

But still, it's all fun and good to mess around with the idea of fictional characters the GameGulp staff would be interested in dating, if these characters had been real.


So is there any fictional character I would want to date?

I'm pretty sure that there are quite a few but as of now, the only woman that comes to mind is...

Rey (Star Wars)

Though I was not sold on the new sequel, I loved all of the new protagonists in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey being one of the best the series has had to offer.

She is just as good in a fight as Princess Leia was (better, actually), she can hold her own with the likes of Finn and Poe, and she's in-training to become a Jedi. If you noticed all the promotional material for the movie, you will see that we were led to believe that Finn would be the Jedi since he's the one holding the lightsaber. What a welcome surprise it was when I learned that Rey was to be the Jedi and the new main protagonist of the series.

She doesn't even stand out in a crowd like the other women on this list since she wears clothes that are practical to what she does, which is scavenging supplies from scrapped AT-ATs. Capable, witty, and she can talk shop with Han Solo to boot - not to mention she's attractive without having to dress up like bikini Leia, I would definitely go out with Rey anytime.

Plus, she has a speeder that's shaped like an ice cream sandwich!

I love ice cream sandwiches!


I had to think deep if there is a videogame character I'd want to date. Because, it's sad to think about a billion pixels put together with dialogued developed by a group of people, mostly men, I believe, have stolen hearts. 

But for the sake of the article, the first name that came to thought was a girl trapped in a tower, situated in a city far above in the sky, and guarded by an overprotective bird.

Elizabeth (BioShock Infinite)

Contrary to what my fellow GameGulp writer might say about Elizabeth, she's the one that is lovable and fascinating the most.

Her demeanour and personality were developed through her isolated and controlled upbringing. She relied on books for knowledge, testing her powers to explore much of the world she's so interested in. When first exposed to the outside world, we find her dancing and having fun, forgetting the danger she and Booker had narrowly escaped. This is a manifestation of her innocence, of a girl still grasping straws of real life, and during her first shedding of blood (in what seems hours in-game), she has reached full maturity. Everything about her changes and this is where I found her from lovable to fascinating.

The question then rises, who is Elizabeth? We don't know her. People grow up and become who they are once exposed to the world. Morals, ways of thinking and personality in general aren't necessarily reflections of who someone grew up with. There will always be outside influences. And that influence will continue to develop as social matrixes expand.

Elizabeth, emerging from the confines of her tower, which is a symbol of being a test tube, was a clean white guinea pig that was exposed to the infections of the world. What her character might have been remains a longstanding fascinating to me.

The DLC "Burial at the Sea" seems to answer that question, if Elizabeth had not been confined in a tower and able to live out her life. But what gets me, is the innocent Elizabeth, what she might have become. We got a glimpse of that in the last part of the game, but it felt nothing more than a tease.


My choice would be a bit shocking to some, but it was the first name off the top of my head:

Garrus (Mass Effect Series)

Heck yeah, I would date an alien, especially if he's someone like Garrus. C'mon, I don't think any girl could resist this charming turian! He's smart, funny and badass at the same time. Plus, his facial scars make him look cooler than he already is.

But more than that, Garrus is a determined individual. He's not afraid to make drastic changes when no one else would, even if it means having to go rogue. He's amazing in battle too. With his excellent sniper rifle skills and turian military training, he can be ruthless. But it's funny how he maintains a calm, courteous demeanor when not fighting. The guy who can teach you about shooting baddies in the head is the same person who can show you a thing or two about chivalry.

It's an odd combination of traits but it works for me! I could already picture having a fun time with him. Our conversations would be filled with endless banters and awkward flirting. "Your hair looks good. And your waist is...very supportive."  We could go on target practices and I would always end up losing.

And of course, I can always count on him to protect me and save the day. I mean you know, he only caused trouble for three of the most powerful mercenary groups in the Terminus System. Oh, and he kills Reapers on the side too.

Just for the fun of it, which fictional character you'd want to go out with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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