Welcome December! That magical time of the year when we all feel warm and fluffy inside. A time when we all take a break from the arduous rat race and celebrate this annual event. We're talking about Christmas of course, but more importantly, Star Wars!

But more so, it's that time of the year when the jury of geeks decide which games sucked the least and profited from our own hard earned cash. We're talking about the biggest night in videogames, the Oscar-equivalent: The Game Awards. Which will be held live from LA on Dec. 3.

As we're not qualified to declare Yandere Simulator as Game of the Year yet, we're doing the next best thing: a prediction. And boy oh boy, did they make it hard for us. The titans are out tonight and when they collide, the first casualties are our social life. If you've been an avid follower of the latest games, you probably haven't seen sunlight in a long time.

We're pretty sure the official jury had a difficult time choosing a winner from this pool of nominees:  Bloodborne, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid 5 and, how about that, Super Mario Maker! And as much as we want them all to win, only one get that new shiny cover logo.

Mark says

As I am not a masochist (so Bloodborne is out) and I would probably hump anything with a stat screen. I personally had a hard time picking between Witcher 3 and the game that gave it a run for it's money, Fallout 4. Both had engaging worlds with phenomenal exploration value and both have fun albeit, completely different gameplay mechanics so it was almost like comparing apples and oranges. But for this year, I tip my hat to Polish Game Developer CD Projekt Red for going the extra mile of putting content in almost every single excruciating detail in their latest iteration of the Witcher series.

Witcher 3 is an RPG fan's wet dream and though it doesn't push the innovation envelope as newer games do, it does execute every single aspect that we all love in a role playing game to near perfection. The world is so diverse and full of interesting characters that it makes even looking for an old lady's frying pan more interesting than some of this year's main quest stories.

Jon says

I'm quite bias on any games by Miyazaki, so that makes "Bloodborne" on top of my list. And come on guys, anyone who has played this game, would know too well what this game can offer. It offers true, gratifying rewards when vanquishing every layer of nightmare. And the lore, damn, the lore is cosmic. I would also want "Super Mario Maker" to win, as it aspired so much creativity and rages that even bested the most buddhist players. It's a game that really gave the Wii U any real purpose in gaming, and we owe it to Nintendo for re-brandishing the game industry in the late '80s. But we're talking about "Game of the Year," not "Exclusive Game of the Year." In this, "Witcher 3" gets this. The world is vast, even its patch is goddamn huge, and there are many things to discover, unbelievable sights, decent difficulty, and awesome (ish?) sex scenes.

Pio says

Because I'm a sucker for Dark Medieval fantasy (Hello, Diablo!), I'm going with Witcher 3 over Bloodborne.

Don says

Witcher 3 has the highest reviews among the Game of The Year Nominees in most major gaming sites. It's probably the most accessible game for all types of gamers (casual to hardcore). Among all the contenders, I think only Fallout 4 has a chance to steal it.

Witcher 3 is obviously the team's choice but who knows, Fallout 4 is nothing to skuff about. And until the envelop is open, it's still anybody's game.

This year has been a blast for gamers and game developers. With all the turns and surprises that the industry has been going through, we wouldn't be surprised if another game came out before the year ends and tear Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 apart for the prestigious Game of the Year award. Though as it is, whoever wins the title, we can rest assure that the recipient is well deserved.

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