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Features | Dec 1, 2015

George Lucas Star Wars The Force Awakens

We have exactly fifteen days before the premiere of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." While everyone else around the world is busy prepping up for the holidays, the geek nation is getting fired up. Fifteen days. It still feels like that time is far, far away.

No one can deny the cultural impact Star Wars had. Even non-fans would know who Darth Vader is or what a lightsaber looks like.

We all fell into stupid silence when Vader revealed himself to be Luke's father. Somehow, we knew, we've all known that this was true even before it all happened. And yet, it still managed to whisk away our breaths. We all rooted for Han Solo when he (clearly) shot first. And we all gave Jar Jar Binks so much hate for partly ruining the Prequel trilogy.

But why do we love Star Wars? What makes the films so great?

For one thing, when the first Star Wars films were released, the visual effects used were way ahead of their time. From the first time Luke draws out his father's lightsaber, to the explosion of the Death Star, and the epic space battles between X-Wings and TIE Fighters; these were all things of wonder during those years.

Clearly, what George Lucas had in mind was to create a happy-go-lucky fantasy adventure that had lasers and explosions.

At its very heart, "Star Wars" is a science fantasy space opera. It's full of adventure, wit, and lightsabers. Its science fiction elements were plenty alright, but they were easy enough for regular audiences to understand, and enjoy. The Star Wars films were so much fun to watch that no one basically complained about that tiny weak spot the Death Star had, or why Stormtroopers, who are supposedly the best soldiers in the galaxy, can't fire a decent shot.

Star Wars put science fiction on the spot. What was once a category geared only towards nerds, is now a blockbuster genre that spawned many other sci-fi films like Back to the Future, Total Recall and Alien.

In the next few weeks, up until the release of The Force Awakens, we will hold GameGulp's Star Wars Special, where we will publish Star Wars-related articles. We will focus on doing features on the 6 films, The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and of course, the Star Wars games. Join us as we geek out to our favorite sci-fi saga while counting down to the much awaited, The Force Awakens.

Our countdown begins on this very day. May the force be with us all, fellow geeks.

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