We're back from the holidays folks! This year marks a fresh start - more games, more film, and more craziness here and about.

2015 has been the most awesome year for games. We got "Bloodborne," "Just Cause 3," "Black Ops 3," Witcher 3," "Metal Gear Solid V," and a whole slew of others that made the year the best time to get into the next-gen gaming. 2016 has a few interesting games to look forward to: We're skipping the usual; "Horizon Zero Dawn," "Street Fighter V," "Quantum Break," "Dark Souls III," "Battleborn," "Ratchet & Clank," "No Man's Sky," and all the other big titles we keep hearing about to no end - because, definitely everyone is excited for those games. We got other things on our mind and here's that list of games we're excited, and you should look forward to as well.

Mighty No. 9

The spiritual successor of "Mega Man," Beck leads the charge in "Mighty No. 9." After several delays, the game is finally coming out in February 9. Finally, a way back to old school "Mega Man" action platforming. It looks like nothing from the concept shown to us in Kickstarter, but it is nonetheless stunning to look at.

Hyper Light Drifter

Another game funded through Kickstarter. It's bright and vibrant and is the very title that started the whole pixel art craze that many indie games have right now. Think of this as a Diablo-inspired game set in the distant post-apocalyptic future with elements from the "Legend of Zelda" games.


This game has been compared to "Dark Souls." I see it as another Diablo-inspired game, with elements of "Dark Souls." With the combination of the animation and artwork, along with the nostalgia of old school dungeon crawling, "Eitr" is the one to look forward to.

Salt and Sanctuary

I first ran into this game on E3. First glance told me everything about it. This game is inspired by "Dark Souls." No denying that. Stamina bar, vulnerability while healing, and ruthless boss fights. Yup, it's "Dark Souls" in 2D and it looks darn good.

We Happy Few

On a videogame hangover, my long fingernails were halfway clawing through my brain from the intense mind fuckery that is "BioShock Infinite" (that would have been my third playthrough), discovering "We Happy Few" in a Kickstarter page was a fresh cup of coffee that got me out of the terrible headache. It's a game that tries to redefine, or, re-fashion the survival genre. Can't wait to play this.

Telltale's "Batman"

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Telltale is on the roll when developing story-driven narratives that offers a change in pace of gaming and storytelling in general. We've seen their work in "Wolf Among Us" and "Tales of the Borderlands" and we love them so much, we can excuse the tragedy they held with their version of "Game of Thrones." Whatever we see in the Telltale's version of "Batman" we can cross our fingers that it rivals, or at least, comes close enough to rival, Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan's "Batman."


What we liked about "Firewatch" based on its trailer, is that it's a game of exploring the wilderness and mystery. You play as a lookout in the wilderness. There are two girls missing. Someone has cut your rope. And according to your friend over the walkie-talkie, there's someone in your watchtower, possibly ransacking the place. It's also built on the Unity game engine, and we're excited how far this baby can go in building games.

The Witness

We've been featuring games of violence and death all throughout. Jonathan Blow, designer of indie hit videogame, "Braid," has finally announced his next game, "The Witness" to be ready within the year. It's an exploration game with 650 puzzles to solve. Beyond that, there is a whole island to explore and sights to gawk and drool over. If anyone can accomplish this, it's Jonathan Blow.

Death's Gambit

These days we're getting a pint of "Dark Souls" meets X game everywhere. The 2D look of "Death's Gambit" is "Castlevania" and the epic boss fights are "Shadows of the Colossus," while attack animations and overall atmosphere feels "Dark Souls." It brings forth elements from three legendary titles into one that is, honestly, setting the hype way too high, oh please don't disappoint us.

Tekken 7

Akuma guest character, 'nuff said.

The Dragon, Cancer

You can face all the cosmic evil you want in tight corridors with limited ammo or cheap jump scares and call it horror. A true horror genre evokes emotion of hopelessness with no alternative but to accept fate. "That Dragon, Cancer" is an emotional narrative of what's it like to become a parent of a terminally ill 4-year-old and cherish what little they have time left. "That Dragon, Cancer" was inspired by the real life story of Ryan and Amy Green, the designer and writer of the game, with their son Joel. The game will be available in Steam this month.

Honorable mentions

FarCry Primal

Yes! We're actually excited about this so much, we've decided to give it a special mention. It takes us back all the way to the Stone Age, dinosaurs, and everything primitive. No, explosives, gunfire, or anything shiny, which is a fresh perspective.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Anyone who has played the first "Deus Ex" game should know that this is nothing like any other RPG out there. Gameplay was diverse, sophisticated, allowed freedom to built your character, and culturally/politically significant in today's modern problems. It is every bit as ambitious as Bethesda's "Fallout" and "The Elder Scrolls." "Human Revolution" blew our minds in the past, and we're hoping for another with "Mankind Divided."


Every "Hitman" was a good game. ("Contracts" was terrible, "Codename 47" I can somewhat forgive.) But it's "Blood Money" where the title has risen to greatness. So, when the new "Hitman" game has been compared to "Blood Money" we just couldn't help giggles ourselves silly. Each level has been promised to be expansive, lots of NPCs to interact with, and countless methods to live the legend of the Silent Assassin.
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