Get an inkling on the horrific afterlife of a cartoon with 'Bendy and the Ink Machine'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | May 11, 2017

Bendy and the Ink Machine horror TheMeatly Games

When you think about it, old time children's cartoons were pretty creepy. The characters in the shows back then were half-naked, spoke in unintelligible accents, and always wore gloves like they were fixing to strangle a small puppy.

Never mind the ever-lingering question on what Goofy is. Is he a dog? If so, then what does that make Pluto? We'll never know.

Bendy and the Ink Machine
, an episodic first-person horror game by TheMeatly Games, doesn't give any reason that proves cartoons aren't as scary as that monster in your closet. Rather, it reinforces the fact that two-dimensional beings always hide darker, more sinister agendas behind those plastered smiles.

When cartoonist Henry returns to the abandoned Joey Drew Studios by request of an old friend, he soon realizes that his former creation has come to life in the third dimension. Out for vengeance for all those filler episodes where he was made the butt of corny jokes, Bendy scours the old building in search for a different kind of punchline - one where only he is smiling at the end.

The first episode of this grim cartoon game is totally FREE and tasks you with collecting six random objects to power the titular ink machine. Though most of the areas seem like your everyday scary corridors, the comic-like aesthetic and old-timey tunes make this title more suited to those with a fear of ever-smiling clowns (i.e. myself) than traditional teraphobics who hate monsters.

But unlike most horror games that leave you with nothing but your testosterone-fueled body to run away from death, Bendy and the Ink Machine thankfully provides you with weapons that your opponent can use as a toothpick once they have eaten you. The later part of the first episode provides you with an axe, so it's safe to assume that you won't just be using it to chop wood.

Two episodes of the game are already out on Steam and Game Jolt for the PC, with a third already in production. So if you're looking to defile what little real life has left untouched of your childhood, then prepare yourself for one ink-redibly horrific ride.

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