Get early bird discounts on MSI Notebooks in the upcoming Pinoy Gaming Festival

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Tech | Apr 22, 2017

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If you love video games and can't stop protesting about the inhuman weather on social media, then why not head over to Trinoma this coming April 28-30 for this year's Pinoy Gaming Festival? Admission is totally free and you get to stay indoors while indulging in your favorite nonphysical pastime!

And if avoiding the sun wasn't enough of an incentive to get you there, MSI Philippines has devised a couple of early bird promotions for people who visit their booth during the event.

For the three-day duration of PGF 2017, the first 30 end-users at the MSI booth will stand a chance of winning discount vouchers that go up to 40% off for select MSI notebook models. These will be rewarded to winners during the duration of the event and can only be used at authorized MSI retailers in Trinoma.

The first place winner will receive the aforementioned 40% discount voucher, while the second and third placers will have to settle for a 30% and 20% discount respectively. These prizes can only be redeemed on the day they were given, so consider yourself trapped in Trinoma until you buy a laptop.

But if you weren't one of those lucky three who camped outside the mall the night before, consolation prizes that consist of Php 5,000 vouchers will be given to seven contenders while Php 3,000 vouchers will be raffled off to 20 remaining MSI fanatics. These lesser prizes will be valid for seven days from the issue date, so you can go home and think on your next purchase - unlike the winners of those bigger discounts.

So if you need to make living in your room more bearable this summer, then sacrifice a couple of days dodging the sun to get that gaming laptop you always wanted at a cheaper price. Your days in isolation afterwards will thank you!

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