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Written by: Jon Castillo

TV | Nov 9, 2015

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While recovering from the major shock of awesome known as "Ash vs Evil Dead", the second episode immediately picks up from the pilot.

The second episode, "Bait," is every bit unrelenting with its blood and gore. It uses every possible reason to make sure the characters are always drenched in Deadite blood. Pablo's traumatized look and Ash's sharp douchebag wit go hand-in-hand, making one damn entertaining show.

Continuing from the previous episode, Kelly pleas Ash for help, to rescue her father from his dead wife. Ash declines, saying he needs to get the Necronomicon translated to seal off the evil once again in order to save the world. However, as lovingly predictable as it is, Ash is forced to help Kelly anyway. Seriously, he didn't have any choice in the matter.

Kelly is focused on seeing her father. Pablo, out of love - or infatuation - for Kelly, focuses on making sure help gets to her. The whole episode is all geared up for these two as they begin to fully grasp the situation.

While the episode outed the spook factor - which is what the horror genre was supposed to be - the tension in the dinner scene remained no less effective. It was awkward and funny. And for a moment, you'd want to join Kelly and Pablo in thinking that everything is normal. But who am I kidding? We want the gore. Ash's paranoia makes sense, while both Kelly and Pablo are chilling around - most likely, forcing the denial pill down their throats. In-show timeline reminds us that it's only been an hour or two, at most, before they got sucked into this blood storm. I think, it's a pretty normal reaction, just to rub it off as something that never happened.

This becomes Pablo and Kelly's baptism of fire. Their priorities aren't straight yet, driven by emotions of those entering a nightmare realm for the first time. We can forgive them, of course, as this was exactly how Ash started off back in the cabin 30 years ago. And he seems to get it, not belittling either of the youths for their selfishness. Instead, he encourages them, and after one Jew joke later, they all move forward to their quest to get to the bookstore.

On the other side of the story, Michigan State Trooper Amanda Fisher, is investigating on her own about last episode's incident, where she tries to put meaning about her evil encounter that resulted in the death of her partner. She's still a bit of a wild card at this point, but we can assume that she'll be playing the role of an anti-villain for Ash until her head turns around and, theoretically joins the group. Based on the episode's last scene, Ash and Amanda might now bump into each other.

"Bait" is an overall better episode. It cuts off the ridiculousness on how hell was unleashed, bringing in a deeper, more meaningful storyline into the show. And now that everyone has been christened, let's see how wild this ride will go.

"Ash vs Evil Dead" can be viewed via HOOQ.

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