GIGABYTE.MINESKI stuns the International DOTA 2 scene in the 2015 Frankfurt Major

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Esports | Nov 18, 2015

DOTA 2 ESL Frankfurt Major Gigabyte Mineski

Gigabyte.Mineski beats all odds and enters the main stage of the 2015 Frankfurt Majors in the Winner's Bracket.

Are. You. Freakin'. Kidding. Me?

What a day for the Philippine team in the group stage of the Frankfurt Majors in Germany. Against one of the harder groups of the tournament, Mineski just pulled off an incredible string of wins in the first major tournament of the DOTA 2 season landing them in one of only two slots for Group D in the main stage.

The Philippine team opens the tournament with probably one of the worst teams to get matched up with in CDEC Gaming, The International 5 tournament runner ups.

Game one saw Mineski to a good start, making good gains from their lanes. Having the better late game draft, the Philippine team was poised to take this game in the early to mid-stages of this game. But errors in the mid game brought back flashbacks of what caused meltdowns in the Nanyang championships. It was clear that this game was going to be the barometer of how much the Philippine team improved and if they did indeed learn from their mistakes. But ultimately, Mineski was sucked into the Chinese team's pace. Errors on aggressiveness and team play executions dug Mineski into a hole that was a bit too much to overcome even with the better late game heroes against a very strong Chinese team.

The second game was also close and came within seconds of each other. This time Mineski flips the script and wins the base race first with mere seconds to spare, on the back of Anti-Mage. Mineski steals a win and forces a game 3 against the Chinese powerhouse.

Game three showcased the experience and cool demeanor of the Chinese team. CDEC showed that they knew their identity and was going to stick to their own play style no matter what happens. Not rattled by the results of that insane game 2, CDEC took control over a very close game in the late game and pulled it off from the Filipino team's rug. Mineski lost the game despite having another very good start, but lost the game on errors in team clashes. CDEC's Bounty Hunter brought back the Chinese team with timely tracks as Mineski lost its grip on the game, giving up close to a 20k gold swing. The Chinese team closes out the series in a cold hearted manner and sends the Filipino team to its next game demoralized after coming so close to taking out one of the best teams in the world.

How will the Filipinos respond after a heart-wrenching loss?

Well, it didn't take long to show the world what we're made of.

In the second game of Gigabyte.Mineski's group stage, the Philippine team destroys TI3 champions-Alliance, 2-0.

Mineski blitzed Alliance with an unexpected combo of Huskar and Dazzle in both rounds. Kuku wreaked havoc on the Swedish team throwing Burning Spear after Burning Spear at every opportunity, with Julz tailing him at almost every turn and supporting the Filipinos' unlikely carry.

The first game saw total domination by the Philippine team. Mineski raced to a fast start and never looked back, overwhelming Alliance with what was probably, at that time, an unexpected position one hero. Kuku's Huskar went on a massive killing streak and was unstoppable. Alliance couldn't kill Mineski's position one player. The combination of Dazzle and Huskar made it impossible for Alliance to overcome the hero's seemingly unlimited amount of health and gave Mineski the easy win.

The second game didn't come as easy as it did the first time around for Mineski. It seems as though Alliance was putting counters against the Philippine team in as early as the drafting phase of the game. But the former champs seem to have underestimated the Filipinos and committed their biggest mistake of the game - they let Mineski pick Huskar and Dazzle again, and this time with a Winter Wyvern. This proved fatal as Mineski overcame a rocky start and obliterates all the counters Alliance thought were enough to win against the cheeky Filipino team. The Filipinos showed their growth as they stuck to their guns and took the game by its throat and dragged it in Mineski's pace. The support provided by Winter Wyvern and Dazzle made sure that Kuku's Huskar was never going to die. With excellent team clash executions, Mineski went on to win another fast paced game and swept the series.

The win against Alliance showed that the Philippine team came to play, but the next series was going to prove once and for all that the Filipinos belong on the world stage.

MIneski's third match in the group stage was perennial powerhouse team, EHOME.

In what was probably the biggest upset of the tournament, the Philippines deliver a huge blow to EHOME; taking the series 2-0 and advances Mineski to the Winner's bracket of the tournament.

Gigabyte. Mineski's the third series was where they cranked up their game two or three gears higher. It was amazing to see. Filipino players who watched the game surely loved how Mineski ran the game because it was purely the quintessential Filipino style DOTA we were all waiting for. The great thing about Mineski's win over EHOME was it proved that Philippine DOTA works on the world stage.  There were no "gimmicks" this time, no funky Huskar picks, just pure Filipino style, smart aggressive play and EHOME never really recovered.

EHOME couldn't breathe from the pressure that the aggressive Mineski put on them. The first game win came from Raging.Potato and Kuku's stellar carry game. Coming from an unexpected Phantom Lancer pick and an extremely stable Ember Spirit, Mineski took advantage of an excellent draft and shocked the world and laid waste to one of the best teams in the world with an excellent aggressive game.

The second game saw Mineski wanting to do the same, and they did just that. This time on the back of a powerful Templar Assassin, Mineski executed team fights to perfection. Blowing away every attempt EHOME made in taking the game. This is where we saw the improvement of Mineski even from as early as two games back against CDEC, the Filipinos executed calculated risks to great effectiveness and came out with wins on almost every team fight, sometimes even producing team wipes. The meltdowns weren't coming and they close out the series with EHOME in convincing fashion.

The amazing thing about Mineski's group stage run was that everyone on the team had their starring moments. It was a total team effort. Every member had their shining moments. Positions one through five performed their roles to perfection.

We're now seeing Gigabyte.Mineski's identity - aggressive, smart executions. Be it 5v5 clashes or those genius draft choices, the Philippine team is showing that they are going to step on the gas from the get go and they will suffocate opponents. Filipinos are playing the precision game to perfection and together with that patented Filipino aggressiveness, the other teams are in for a dog fight every game and if they can't keep up, as EHOME and Alliance experienced firsthand, they won't know what hit them.

The Philippine team learns fast and the amount of improvement they've shown in the span of the three series in a day is staggering. Those heartaches weren't for nothing. One thing's for sure, the first day of the tournament for Mineski put them on everyone's radars going into the Main Stage. The group stages showed that facing Gigabyte.Mineski isn't a walk in the park anymore.

Gigabyte.Mineski continues to rock Frankfurt, Germany on November 17; opening the winner's bracket against perennial powerhouse and consistently a top 1 - 4 team, Team Secret.

Hey world, getting nervous yet?

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