Grow an empire to hold off Spanish forces in 'Aztez'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 7, 2017

Aztez Team Colorblind

Before humanity got all hopped up on ideas of politics and democracy, we had a simpler solution to the problems of the world: violence.

If someone didn't like your way of living, you didn't give valid points that would defend your claim; you forcibly introduced him to the pointy end of a spear. That said, the group with the biggest, pointiest, and highest number of spears had the right to whatever it is they wanted.

In the case of Team Colorblind's Aztez, that group is the Spanish. Never content with its homeland, this world-conquering race seeks to spread its influence throughout the entire globe.

As the leader of the Aztecan race, it is your job to show the Spaniards that not everyone likes to have football as a national sport or Jesus as a god. And how would you beat this subjugating country?

Why, by subjugating smaller nearby settlements to join your cause; that's how!

has two distinct gameplay mechanics.

The less violent portion of the game has you spreading your Aztecan influence through the use of an overworld map. Each city provides different resources which you will need to strengthen your troops and routes to neighboring cities.

With each move you make and city you conquer, your enemies get that much closer to your home city of Technochtitlan. It's up to you to use the limited resources you have and make the moves that you think will net victory. Though it sounds boring on paper, this mode is important as it determines your overall place in the war and whether or not you are actually winning it.

Once you've picked the respective settlement that you want to decrease the population of, the combat system kicks in. Battles in Aztez involve controlling one of your soldiers and killing enemies on a 2D plain. While the game is prominently black and white with streaks of green in the overworld, the combat screen looks a lot like the floor of an operating room.

As your warriors strike down democracy in its path, the blood of your fallen foes can be collected and used to appease the gods and unleash special moves. There are various gods whom you can devote your killing sprees to and each soldier you control can be outfitted with his own special gear and abilities.

With a highly replayable campaign that features different rewards, settlement locations, and enemy compositions, Aztez might just be the game that takes you through the rest of this summer video game drought.

It is currently available for PC via Steam, the Humble Store, and Future plans for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U versions have also been announced.

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