Grow to unreasonably blocky proportions in the cutesy online FPS 'ATOMEGA'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 13, 2017

Atomega Reflections Ubisoft

Trying to get back some of the originality they had when the company first started out, Ubisoft has decided to spend more time on the indie game market. While the main studios focus on making your Assassin's Creeds and Far Crys, smaller branches can flex their imaginative muscles on more interesting ideas.

One of these companies, a small Ubisoft-owned studio called Reflections, has shown promise with games such as Grow Up and its sequel, Grow Home. Though their game names could use some work, these titles have far more originality than those whose main selling points are jumping off historic landmarks or shooting brown terrorists.

Their newest game, an eight-player online FPS called ATOMEGA, is a different take on the blocky aesthetic the studio is known for. Instead of collecting spaceship parts scattered around an open world like in Grow Up, ATOMEGA pits you against other players in an arena to see who can become the biggest kid on the block (heh) in the least amount of time.

The story behind ATOMEGA is pretty nonexistent. At the edge of time, cubed beings known as Exoforms fight over who gets to call himself the last of his kind. In order to claim this title, players collect Mass, a blocky substance which nets you points and grows your Exoform in size and power.

Hoarding Mass is easy at first. Simply walk over a set number of blocks to fill up a bar and once it becomes full, you evolve into a bigger Exoform with new powers and an even bigger bar to fill. 

Things change when Mass becomes more limited. Since each of the eight players is looking to become the biggest being out there, fights become unavoidable once more than one Exoform enters a specific area. This leads to the blocky beings using their specific powers against one another.

From the single-blocked Atom to the Minecraft abomination that is the Omega, each of the seven kinds of Exoforms has their own distinct strengths and weaknesses. No matter your current form however, the Exoform with the most number of points when the round ends wins. Even if players get unknowingly blown to pieces, they still get to keep their points throughout the entire ten-minute round.

The gameplay does seem a tad unbalanced, especially when a hulking Omega requires the other players to set aside their differences to take it down. We'll just have to see how the game pans out once it launches on PC via Steam this September 19, 2017.
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