GTA V's early mandatory tow truck missions are the brutal reflections of life

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Features | Oct 2, 2018

Grad Theft Auto V

Every now and then whilst enjoying the vast online power of "Grand Theft Auto V" I find myself drawn back to the single player mode and go through the story. It's fun, it's intense, and there's really no one stopping me to do so.

Except one. Early in the game, as Franklin, you're obliged by your childhood friend, Tonya, to take the tow truck for your cousin, and then tow trucks throughout Los Santos. It's weird, it's tedious, and it's boring. You just want to get this over with and so you can do other stuff, like hang out in the Vanilla Unicorn, and check out what your friends, Sapphire and Juliet, are up to. That's single player for you.

Sure, the tow truck is something that allows you to earn money that is clean and honest. It's also hard work, which is what actual jobs give you in exchange of money. The tow truck mission is the representation of real life, when hard working people like you aren't given the proper praise, salary, insurance, or whatever benefits that you deserve. You wake up in the morning and do your job, day in and day out. You'd also make a lot of enemies by doing this, people would file complaints, throw insults, as if it was really your choice to two their vehicles away.

As Tonya's mandatory tow truck missions are done. Finally, you break free, wreck some havoc. chill in Vespucci beach, and start reflecting on your life's choice as you stare out into the ocean. 

And then you spot this while checking out the map of Los Santos.

Man. "Grand Theft Auto V" is deep.

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