Hack into twisted minds in cyberpunk horror game "Observer"

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Jun 16, 2016

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So the makers of horror game Layers of Fear unveiled their new project called Observer at the recently held PC Gaming Show at E3 2016. And if you've played Layers of Fear (you can read about it HERE), then you know this next game is going to be good. The developers once again took their cues from P.T., focusing more on atmosphere scares rather than guns and survival mechanics. That's kind of the trend for horror games now, isn't it? Too bad Silent Hills never saw the light of day.

Observer is set in a cyberpunk-ish future of Poland. You play as a policeman, known in that world as an "Observer". You have this device called a "Dream Eater" that can hack into the minds and memories of people. Apparently, these devices are governed by law, and the game will force you to do illegal things, like hack into the minds of the dead, the mentally insane, and those twisted by fear...Talk about a tough job. I hope he gets paid well.

Observe what unfolds in the teaser trailer and the gameplay trailer below.

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