Have a happy, headache-inducing holiday season with Tricky Test 2's Christmas update

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Dec 8, 2016

Christmas Filipino developer mobile games Orangenose Studio Tricky Test 2

This is where I'm supposed to put something witty which pertains to a holiday song, isn't it? Well I'm sorry to disappoint your jingle bells, but that isn't happening on this most wonderful time of the year.

Tricky Test 2, that mobile game which makes me wish I had read more textbooks instead of playing video games during the holidays, doesn't even take a break on Christmas.

Unlike a certain fat man who only breaks into your house if you have decorated the corpse of a tree, Orangenose Studio has done the opposite by sprucing their game with a Christmas theme that adds snowflakes and multi-colored lights into the background.

But if you have never felt the cold embrace of frozen rain or are too colorblind to enjoy epileptic lighting, you can still experience Christmas in
Tricky Test 2 as it incorporates a soundtrack that tries (and fails) to mask your screams of rage as you fail to solve the game's puzzles.

Apart from all of this, the studio also plans to release a full version of the game which has all 100 questions (as with the normal version), includes one thousand free coins, and removes all the ads that only add fuel to the never-ending fire that is your temper. The full version is planned for an iTunes release in a few days with a possible 50% discount this holiday season.

So if you want to give at least one part of your body a workout this Christmas, check out
Tricky Test 2 on the Google Play Store and iTunes. It will take your mind off of those relatives eating your food in the dining room and that memory of your mother kissing Santa Claus (it's been an eventful year).

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